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Madison loves her Parent Doll, her eyes really light up when she hears my voice. (Carol K. Mill Valley, CA)

It's a security blanket for me too. I find great comfort in the fact that while I'm away putting food on the table Bill Jr. recognizes me even more when I come home. Elmo's out and Daddy's in. (William R. Garland, TX)

If I could keep only one of my daughter's toys I'd empty the toy box and keep her Parent Doll. This is the only toy that gives me the say so in what kind of values and ideas that I instill when I can't be there. It's very empowering to speak directly to Emily and sing the songs that she connects most to. Right now she likes Wheels on the Bus next month it'll probably be something different. Around our house it's constantly changing and now I'm prepared, poor pitch and all. To the outside world I couldn't sing my way out of a paper bag but to my daughter I'm the cat's meow and I sing just the way she likes it. (Angie P. Tiburon, CA)

The world's greatest SECURITY BLANKET ™

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